Step-by-Step Guide to Your First $10k in Sales


Step-by-Step Guide to Your First $10k in Sales

14 amazing step-by-step videos designed to teach you how to launch your t-shirt business

Roadmap Guide to:

  • Print on Demand
  • Screen Printing
  • Production
  • Building a Website that Converts
  • Selling Online
  • Negotiating with Vendors
  • How to Test Your Designs
  • And more...

As if the videos in the course weren't enough, there are BONUSES!

  • Bonus #1:  FREE interview with Matthew Griffin, Founder of Combat Flip Flops:  how he came back from $70k in debt, got on Shark Tank and broke $1,000,000 in annual sales
  • Bonus #2:  Free PDF download:  Who is Your Customer? Avatar Exercise 
  • Bonus #3:  Free PDF download:  What Defines My Brand?  Brand Exercise