How to Build YOUR T-Shirt Empire (156 Page E-Book)

Secret Roadmap to Grow Your T-Shirt Company into a Worldwide Brand

Ready to grow your t-shirt company into an empire?  

Close your eyes for a minute & envision where you want your t-shirt company to be in the next year.  What about the next 5 years? 

Where do YOU want to be as an entrepreneur in 5 years?  To live in the house of your dreams.  As your own boss.  With employees helping you scale your company.  

Or do you want to be on the beach somewhere?  In the mountains?  Running  your company from a laptop & touching base with your Print-on-Demand vendors once a week?

Your dreams ARE possible!  Actually, thousands of people are living that life RIGHT NOW.  

T-Shirts are a bottomless market.  Every guy (and chick) you know, probably has 50 shirts right now in their closet.  And if they see another on they like...they're gonna buy it.

So you CAN build the t-shirt company you've been dreaming of.  And you CAN make make a whole lot of money selling shirts.

If you're just starting out, with no sales yet.  Imagine being at $10k in sales right now.  If you're doing $10k/year imagine what it will be like to be at $100k.  If you're doing $100k, imagine over $1,000,000 in sales!

Whatever level you're need tools for your next step.

And How to Build a T-Shirt Empire: The Ultimate Guide to T-Shirt Success will be the most important tool in your arsenal. 

This book is brought to you by people who really know.  

Your new mentors:

Dan Caldwell, Co-Founder of TapouT, and Andrea Lake, Founder of Delinquent (which owned sales rights for merchandise for Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Walking Dead, etc.).  

Dan and Andrea have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of apparel.  BUT *both* of them started from nothing.  

They figured it out along the way, just like you're doing now.

Because Dan & Andrea started from ZERO.  They know the path $0 in sales > $10k > $100K > $1M > $10M+ in annual sales.  And they can help YOU reach whatever the next level in YOUR company is.

Dan & Andrea put their decades of mastery in the t-shirt industry into an amazing step-by-step guidebook. The likes of which have never been seen before.

Their passion now..?  Making sure it's an easier path for you than it was for them.  

Want to get your clothes on celebs..?  Gone are the days of trial & error.  Your new mentors will tell you the process:

  • How to get your shirts to celebrities: actors, singers, influencers,  athletes, etc.
  • What to have the celebs sign off on to use the images.  
  • How to maximize those pics in *free* social media & in paid advertising

And that's just one thing in a book of hundreds of things that your new mentors can guide you through.

This book is solid gold, with secrets and tricks for everything from negotiating with screen printers, to using Print-on-Demand fulfillment, to how to land your merchandise in stores, to getting your shirts featured on TV and in movies.

Get best techniques & hacks on:

  • Creating an Amazing Website that Really Sells
  • Getting Your Shirts into Stores
  • Scripts for How to Talk to Buyers
  • Tricks to "Bundling Sales" so the Stores Buy *WAY* More or Your Merch
  • How to Kill it at Tradeshows
  • Getting Your T-Shirts on TV & in the Movies
  • Winning at Your Social Media
  • Trademarks and Legal
  • Licensing Rights
  • Marketing Tricks that the Pros Use
  • The Secrets Your Need to Grow Your Company Huge

This book is the industry's best kept secret & absolute required reading for anyone in the t-shirt business.

Not only do they tell you what to do.  Maybe more important, they tell you what NOT to do.  

Both Dan & Andrea made *massive* mistakes that almost put them out of business.  They detail the three biggest reasons t-shirt companies fail...AND how to avoid them.

This book *will* be the best tool in your arsenal.  If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

BONUS:  As if the book wasn't enough...get a 35 minute video of Dan & Andrea interviewing Matthew "Griff" Griffin, Co-Founder & CEO of Combat Flip Flops.  

Griff shares his super inspiring story.  Going from a Special Forces Vet, to launching his company.  Going $40k in debt.  Turning it all around, making *millions* in sales.  Getting on Shark Tank and securing a deal on with Daymond John, Lori Greiner AND Mark Cuban. 

YOUR time is NOW!  Click the Button Below to Order YOUR Copy of the How to Build Your T-Shirt Empire:  The Ultimate Guide to T-Shirt Success for only $27.  And gain *immediate access* to the 156 page e-book.