How to Grow Your T-Shirt Empire

Roadmap to build your company into a worldwide brand … from those who have done it before.

Do you want more for your t-shirt brand and yourself? 

Do you want the success you dreamt about when you first started this? 

Maybe you dreamt of financial security for you and your family, your brand on TV — a favorite of celebrities, hanging at the best parties, driving your dream car, and a home with a view of the ocean (or desert, or mountains) … 

What if we told you these thoughts don’t have to stay dreams but, can be your goals … and your actual future … and this book will put you on the path of transforming these dreams into goals and give you a roadmap to make those goals reality.

A bold claim, we know … but, we’ve done it ourselves multiple times and have helped others do it successfully many times over.

Real talk, it’s going to take planning, perseverance, and time … but whatever level your company is at, this book is the toolbox you need to help your company take the next step and level up.

How to Grow Your T-Shirt Empire sets you up for success and gives you a clear path to follow whether you’re starting from $0 in sales or doing over $1M … and it’s not theoretical …

Dan and Andrea have literally sold hundreds of millions of dollars of apparel … and they both started from nothing, figuring it out by trial and error along the way, doing it multiple times for multiple companies and taking them in stages from startup to $10M+ in annual sales.

… and if it’s not enough that they did it successfully for themselves, they’ve helped others, just like you, that bought the book and took the class, to reach success and financial independence. Just google former mentees like Catch Some Air and Combat Flipflops to name a couple.

How to Grow Your T-Shirt Empire will answer key questions at each stage of your company’s development like:


  • Is going with print-on-demand a better choice than holding stock inventory?
  • With limited start-up capital, how should I be allocating my budget?


  • How do I best identify and approach buyers?
  • How do I bundle sales?
  • What’s the most effective way to spend my marketing dollars?
  • How can I get my clothes on celebrities?


  • What do I need to know once I start meeting with chain store buyers?
  • Which terms do I need to negotiate on a 30 or 60-day net deal?
  • How do I negotiate licensing deals?
  • How do I factor a sale?
  • How can I consistently get my clothes on TV and in the movies?

… but maybe more importantly, they tell you what NOT to do.

As most DIY business owners realize through trial and error, there are massive mistakes you can make simply by being unfamiliar with the territory. These are mistakes that both Dan and Andrea encountered on their runs to success and which almost put them out of business … this book will help you avoid the same pitfalls.

As Dan and Andrea have learned, growing a successful t-shirt business is not about luck or money … it's just a formula. A repeatable, fairly stable formula that, if you follow, will lead to success.

If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best … and, quite simply, we are the best.

Your dreams … sorry … your goals — the one you visualized for yourself at the start of this — are within reach. 

All you have to do is take this first step. Click the button below to get immediate access to the 156 page How to Grow Your T-Shirt Empire e-book for only $27.

BONUS: Get a 35 minute video of Dan & Andrea interviewing Matthew "Griff" Griffin, Co-Founder & CEO of Combat Flip Flops (and one of the people that we helped guide to success).  Griff shares his story, going from a Special Forces Vet, to launching his company, to finding himself $40k in debt and then turning it all around, making *millions* in sales, getting on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Daymond John, Lori Greiner AND Mark Cuban. 

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