10 Tactical Email Tips - Miami Klaviyo Workshop Round Up

What happens when you fill a room with top marketers, brands, email marketing gurus, data scientists…and Miami's famous Cuban coffee? Open Rate Magic!

Here are some of the top tips from the full day workshop hosted by Klaviyo. 

  1. Birthday collection popup (ex Welcome Mat) to ONLY those you have their email already. Can offer a gift or coupon code depending on their customer rating or LTV.
  2. Splitting your abandon carts ups by amount abandoned. Offer discounts only to higher carts or international for example.
  3. Pausing sales (ex. Newsletter) emails to customers with open support tickets (using 3rd party integrations) until closed.
  4. Use a pitch like “Win Free T-Shirts (insert your own item) For a Year” winners picked on a timeframe you can afford. ex) Weekly, Yearly.
  5. Find out your site’s do or die reorder date. Then make a custom audience of them to email to or target on FB ads and such. Example: Data trends show if they don't reorder by day 23 they usually won't make a 3rd order.
  6. A/B test your forms to see how much data you can collect. ex) 10 questions get 90% successful submissions. Client bumped it up to 16 questions and it only dropped down to 85% successful - so its worth it.
  7. Instead of instant access and approval. Use automation to build up the excitement for Affiliate signups.
  8. Send 1 yr “from first purchase”  anniversary email.
  9. Have a robust email flow for reviews. Example, if someone leaves a 5 star response, automatically thank them and show them other products they haven't reviewed yet.
  10. Add an educational email (touch) in your post-purchase flow. Sold a fancy pot email them recipes they can make in it. Sold a coat? Show some cool ways people are wearing them to stay fashionable in winter.  

If you are not it, I'd get on Klaviyo. It's not cheap but should pay for itself after a few months and the machine learning kicks in. Sign Up here or grab a free demo to see if its right for your e-commerce store.