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All About Them - Grow Your Business By Focusing on Others

Author: Bruce Turkel 


Business Book Review Score:

Tactical  = 8
Anecdotes = 7
Motivation = 7
Psychology = 4
Fluff = 1


Author and Title: All About Them

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This book will best help:

Brands that never took a step back and made sure their brands were all about their customers. As probably too busy with the day to day tasks of keeping the lights on.


One idea that really captivated me:

Its all about your brand’s “Goose Bump Moments” as an example imagine someone’s first time driving a rumbling Harley and hearing that almost trademarked exhaust or the exact opposite a silent Tesla test ride that freaks out the user used to combustion engines. In your customer's lifecycle, you must have at least one GBM. 


Top Points you should consider:

  • “Always remember a good brand makes people feel good, but a great brand makes people feel good about themselves”
  •  Great stories behind the scenes of Bicardi meetings (he had that account and some other big names)
  • Employee's passions on name tags/doors/ work bio's. Sparks conversations (Internal and external) helps culture and humanize the company.
  • Showing "all in" proof from higher-ups especially CEO/Founder. “All In Proof” is what I personally call it. Ask my about Ultraskate for example. This book has a great story about a QVC sold brand that showed her blemish off on live TV to prove she used it and dealt with a medical issue like her customers.
  • Love his sign off “Brand On” closing. Exactly what I preach now Stay Epic! ; )