Catch Some Air - Brand Interview


Today's Brand Interview is with Brianna Tesauro from Catch Some Air. 

She has an awesome brand that started back in 2015.

Check them out here on Catch Some Air or on Instagram at @CatchSomeAir

Brianna's Top Tip:

Follow the fun. Whenever something gets not-so-fun...we shift or change it until it is. It's impossible to fail if you can do that!

When we asked Brianna for her top breakthrough moment:

Our biggest breakthrough moment was honestly when we bought the Teeacher course. We had designs, we had a sick story, we had people who wanted our t-shirts...but we had no clue how to turn that into a real brand. If we had to figure it all out on our own - who knows how long it would have taken, or if we would have even stuck with it. What we learned in the course got us up and running within a month and looking legit!

Looks like getting out there is what is working for you. Thanks for doing this and helping the future independent brands of tomorrow.

We are always looking for the next brand to interview!