TEEacher brought together YOUR Dream Team Mentors: Dan Caldwell, TapouT + Andrea Lake, Delinquent +
Daniel DiMassa, Die Epic + Matthew "Griff" Griffin, Combat Flip Flops



Co-Founder of TapouT

Launched in the mid 90's and built into the industry juggernaut it is today, grossing hundreds of millions in sales annually. TapouT also has its own line of gyms, supplements, fitness DVDs, and even its own movie studio. A business junkie to his core, Dan also invests in restaurants, tech  & consumer companies, and is Co-Founder of GripKnife, Billionaire Collectables & TEEacher.


Founder of Delinquent Distribution

Serial entrepreneur, has founded 14 companies.  Her current active companies are, YogaJunkie, Delinquent Distribution (which owned the sales rights to the apparel for the largest video games in the world: Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Walking Dead).  She is also known for her deep run on season 5 of The Apprentice.  Her biggest love is teaching entrepreneurship. In addition to creating the internet platforms Power Chick Mafia and TEEacher, she also guest lectures on entrepreneurship at universities, including CU Boulder & Harvard.

Daniel DiMassa

Daniel DiMassa made $6,000 in sales his first year of Die Epic. Then...he found TEEacher.

The second year, thanks to the TEEacher Mogul Course, Daniel did six figures in sales. 

He is a total badass at Print-on-Demand, and all thing internet.  So much so, that after Daniel completed the course, Dan & Andrea took him on as a Partner at TEEacher.

In addition to Die Epic, Daniel owns several other companies, and rental properties.  He's a total adrenaline junkie.  But his real passion is helping up & coming entrepreneurs to win at business.


Knowing that he wanted to create an amazing life for himself after retirement, Griff launched Combat Flip Flops while still an active duty Army Ranger.

He met Andrea in 2013, when he hit his first speed bump in business:  the factory he was working with went out of business.  Leaving him in debt, and wondering whether to go on.

With his never die attitude:  Griff turned that company around.  He became a Mogul Course Owner in 2016 when Combat Flip Flops was mid-6 figures in sales. 

Applying the lessons he'd learned in the Mogul Course (and working his butt off)...he grew Combat Flip Flops to millions in sales.  Became a contestant on Shark Tank, and secured a deal with THREE sharks:  Daymond John, Lori Grenier, and Mark Cuban.

Griff has graciously agreed to be a Guest Mentor in the TEEacher Mogul Course.


Dan Caldwell, TapouT, and Andrea Lake, Delinquent, share the secrets they used to sell millions of t-shirts!

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