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Goal: MVP site done by start of 2017

Who the heck are you?!

Name is Dan DiMassa. After having way too many strangers fill up my Brand’s eCommerce site live chat, DM me on Reddit, and send crazy Facebook messages from Thailand.  Here you go. Only catch? Please leave me alone. I don’t offer coaching, I don’t sell get rich programs.  Just wanted to make this for a family member that needs a new job and get people to leave me alone.

tl;dr: You wont get rich quick. Our brand getting global sales day 1 & averaging one new tattoo of our logo a week was due to painful amounts of hard work.

Why the heck should we trust you?!

You shouldn’t! Dont trust anyone on the internet, I could be a dog. But Im going to list out the tools and loose structure step by step I used to get Die Epic big fast. Luckily, Im an honest dude so I’ll post receipts scan’s or even better if you lurk around you can probably find where and how I used these in past.  Im so obsessed with Accountability and doing the right thing that I made a term for governing all my startups: Unbreakable Ethos


How do we contact you?

You don’t! We love helping people but we can’t be distracted as we are trying to rapid grow into other brand and get Die Epic 10x bigger.  Did you “need” to call J.K. Rowling after watching the Hobbit? :)  Once launched, we are in talks of starting a group here in Sunny Miami. Where you can come, meet peers, eat free pizza and talk shop. Instead of contacting please put your time into creating a mastermind group. (<- hidden tip)

How do you get paid? Is this Free?

The goal is 95% free info. If you are paying for the last 5% info you must be lazy, really rich or really busy. I self-taught myself all these goodies by my A.B.T Philosophy.  Always be testing… Actually, I was always testing….researching…networking.. and working till I wanted to cry and it was amazing. #obsessed.

That said these suckers haha (I kid) I mean AMAZING partners pay me as they know I love their stuff and would tell the world for free.  But if they want to give me cash or freebies, that awesome. But as mentioned earlier, trust nothing on the internet. So let us pretend all these companies pay me and Im just a paid shill. (aka do your own homework)

Likewise, you will see one of our fav brands posted around here: Entrepreneur Empire Buy a shirt if you’d like. They have a place to write in a goal, we support a charity teaching inner city kids how to start companies, and more entrepreneur will approach you in this shirt. Fact. (Secret FAQ tip 2. Go find & friend entrepreneurs)

Ok stop rambling, how do we get started?!

This site has a few parts.

Startup Glossary: Terms you should know so you don’t act a fool’

Blogs: Interviewing brands and disruptive businesses. (If you think your brand is big enough and have some secrets for the youngbloods Tweet me please)

List: All the tools we used in our Chronological order. Buyer beware we dont work for them. They could of sold, closed or got even better.

Bad news: this site is one long inconsistent ramble. I like to talk sadly :)

 What don’t you blab on about?

Easy I don’t talk ANYTHING:

  1. Law. Legally I cant and hate that stuff. ex) LLC vs S-Corp?  When to Trademark? Well on those  I simply plead the 5th
  2. CPA, Bookkeeping, etc I really really hate that stuff. Hire someone, call in favors, etc..

Lastly, I will warn I’m not a details person. Never been and never will be.