These are the 10 demandants of TEEAcher and nearly all Entrepreneurship.

What I demand of you:

  • Be passionate about your niche.. .actually I lied be outright obsessed or GTFO. Let us take worst case scenario. You are a few months in your project funds are low and you are working around the clock. I was in the adrenaline junkie niche. So the last/first thing I saw every morning was my Instagram screen reaching out to the adrenaline obsessed, weekends were a packed-to-the-brim-Xterra hitting adrenaline events hours from home & sleeping in the back, lunch breaks were reading trade magazines finding blogs to write and journalists to contact there was no days/hours off. Becuase I enjoyed the subject matter it was fun, and I met the most amazing friends that are borderline family at this point. Was its scary tough, yup! But being in an industry, I adored it took the “edge off” like a cold beer after a long night of work. On the opposite hand, let us say I was just chasing a dollar. Imagine an adrenaline junkie that was trying to make shirts for dentists. I wouldn’t have lasted a month going to dentistry conventions where I had no passion and running facebook fan pages on bicuspids &  molars. Besides the burnout of chasing unpassionate project, guess what is worse than that? You would be competing along side sick bastards like me that love to sleep/eat in that space as they are obsessed. So save your money, if you arent into it and you wouldn’t do it for free. Bail.
  • You need to have one skill and know what it is. Im the world’s worst basketball player. I cant draw. PhotoShop makes me angry. I cant write (have you seen this non-sense on here?!) But I can execute and have a sick network. What is your skill?  Maybe you can design a shirt (better than me I have to pay people). Maybe you can layout a website. Maybe you are huge on a WOW forum and make gamer shirts. Got a rich Aunt that can help fund you? etc. You absolutely need to find out what makes you have a competitive edge over a jabronie like me. If you cant find one thing (which is near impossible) Bail.
  • Know what Motivates you.  You will at one point run out of steam or money and need a pick me up. If entrepreneurship, being a professional NFL player, having a ripped 6 pack or becoming an A list actor was easy everyone would do it. I had an amazing sales/executive coach that would sit in his Cadillac in the parking lot and blare his fav music. Some friends leave classic business movies on repeat in back ground. Mine is kinda corny but I will admit I love these corny mashup motivation videos: Mateusz Playlist. What’s your fav one? Tweet me.
  • Write down your goals, or get off this site and any of my others ones. It works. Science has proved it, Ive proved it. Call it corny, call me a geek I will always write my goals down and crush them. When did I get my first 5 digit sales month? When I wrote it on the top of my whiteboard and stared at it daily for 30 days.
  • Always be testing. ABC and ABT : This isnt meant to be some end all resources. There are unlimited ways to get up the mountain Im just showing you mine. My techniques might not work for your niche or product. Even if you have a working campaign constanlty be testing it and testing. As a famous movie once said A.B.C or Always Be Closing (aka focus on sales first) but lets add to that the 2017 version ABT.

What you should demand of yourself:

  • Deep down ask yourself if you are ready for the lows of owning a business. You need to understand no business is a get rich easy scheme. Its going to be hard and its going to test you.
  • Never ever, invest more than you can afford. As much as I despise Shark Tank tv show there is an awesome lesson I saw them show. All the sharks basically kicked a once-bankrupt business man off stage didnt even want to listen to his pitch as he was red flagged. “Banks think you are toxic and we think you are toxic”. You will live and die by your credit score in life (not just in business). If you file bankruptcy, your life is hell and odds are your entrepreneur career is over. There are ballsy moves vs risking it all. Bet the house without losing your house. So know whne to pull the plug.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people and entrepreneurs. It works and its not even up for debate. I was bornin Trenton NJ and hustled my ass off till I was in south beach Miami were I can surround myself with smarter people then I. If you are ever the smartest person in the room get out of it like its on fire.
  • Know how to relax and balance live & work.  After all that telling us scary and tough it is you want us to take it easy?!  Yes! I know people that wont date entrepreneurs.

What you should demand of me:

  • Nothing you aren’t paying me! That said I have this stupid thing called a moral compass and I coined the term “Unbreakable Ethos”. So that means if I dont use it or like it I won’t promote it.

My final demand to keep this site free:

  • Please help share our content and use the links below. At a moments notice I could simply password protect this site and charge a membership. I will not do that if you kindly use the links I mention. Reason being those suckers.. I mean amazing partner..haha  Pay me so you dont need to. I built this site as a way to save time, from getting asked the same questions 3 times a day. But it really insults me when people ask for help and they didnt even use my referral link.